Catholic Pilgrimages … A Journey of Faith

Making sacred journeys to holy sites is a long-held Catholic tradition. With Nawas you can reaffirm your beliefs on a journey of faith to the world’s greatest Catholic Pilgrimage shrines!

Because of the extraordinary popularity of Pope Francis and his call for a Church of healing, millions of Catholics are renewing their faith on a pilgrimage.  For instance, they’re making a pilgrimage to Rome and the shrines of Italy, Fatima and Lourdes, the Bible Lands and other holy shrines.

We’ve designed a great selection of inspiring pilgrimages to rejuvenate your spirit…places where you and your parishioners can absorb the sights, smells and religious history and honor the sacrifices made for our faith. Here are some of our most popular Catholic Pilgrimage destinations:

Inspiring Journeys

Rome: the Center of the Catholic Church

In 2016, thousands of Nawas’ travelers made pilgrimages to Rome and Italy to celebrate the Holy Jubilee Year of Mercy. Further, Italy remains our most popular pilgrimage destination. With its amazing art and architecture and Catholic treasures like St. Peter’s Basilica, it’s easy to see why. All our Italy programs include a stay in Eternal Rome plus an Audience with Our Holy Father, Pope Francis. Also, you’ll visit the four major basilicas.

Catholic Pilgrimages to the Holy LandHoly Land Pilgrimage: The Trip of a Lifetime

Three years later, Pope Francis’ historic Holy Land pilgrimage in May 2014 is still encouraging pilgrims world wide to visit the Land where Jesus was born. You can walk in the footsteps of Jesus and see the Bible come alive! Indeed, reliving Jesus’ miracles, healings and sacrifices in the Holy Land is the dream of all Christians. Learn more about Nawas’ Holy Land Pilgrimages for Catholics.

Marian Shrines

Fatima celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Apparitions of Our Lady in 2017. The Blessed Virgin appeared to three young children on six occasions, asking them to pray for world peace and imparting three secrets. View our Marian Shrine Pilgrimages

Lourdes – millions of pilgrims visit the Shrine to Our Lady annually. Nawas is featuring a wide selection of pilgrimages to this sacred site where apparitions of the Virgin Mary appeared. View our Lourdes Pilgrimages.

Greece & Turkey

Follow the missionary journeys of St. Paul in Corinth, Philippi, Thessaloniki, Ancient Smyrna, Pisidian Antioch, Pergamum, and Istanbul. You can also cruise the Greek Isles to St. John’s Isle of Patmos and visit Ephesus, where St. Paul lived and preached. Honor the legacies of St. Paul with a choice of five Steps of St. Paul Pilgrimages including Ephesus and the Churches of Revelation.

Other Popular Pilgrimage Destinations

We also offer pilgrimages to Our Lady of Knock in Ireland; Lisieux, France, home of St. Therese; and the famed pilgrimage center of Santiago de Compostela. Further, you can visit Eastern Europe including Poland, birthplace of Pope John Paul II and site of the famous Black Madonna in Czestochowa.

Nawas Special Pilgrimage Features

  • Roundtrip airfare

  • Great hotels

  • Most Meals

  • Comprehensive sightseeing with expert Tour Directors

  • Papal Audience on all pilgrimages including Rome

  • Mass scheduled throughout your tour

Why Make a Pilgrimage?

Catholic Pilgrimages – journeys of faith to places of religious significance –- have been a part of devotional life for 2,000 years. Pilgrimage can be a life-changing experience. For instance, it’s an opportunity for us to feel closer to God as we take time out of our busy lives and renew ourselves spiritually, mentally and physically. It’s also a wonderful way to fellowship with other Catholics as we become strengthened in our faith. As you visit the shrines of our faith, you’ll come away with a deeper awareness of God’s will and rediscover the joy of God’s gifts.

Enrich Your Spiritual Life

There are many reasons for pilgrimage. Some want to grow deeper in their faith, while others want to pray for world peace, give thanks to physical or spiritual healing, pay homage to a particular saint, or do penance.

A pilgrimage is an ideal way to enrich your spiritual life and strengthen your convictions of being a Catholic. Indeed, as you and your pilgrims observe the Sacrament and pray in holy shrines, you will be able to more closely identify with Christ’s message and his saving sacrifice.

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